What People Love To Eat Around The World

What People Love To Eat Around The World

There may be a lot of things us humans don’t agree on, but no matter the issue there will always be one thing we all do agree on…we love food. We love simple and extravagant meals. We love healthy food and that not so healthy food. We just love food! Here is a list of what people around the world love to eat!

CheeseburgerCheeseburger-United States. This would of course be America’s favorite food. How could it not be? Between the delicious melted cheeses, the juicy patty and pretty much any topping you can think of, the mouth-watering cheeseburger is a favorite of the American people.

Massaman Curry- ThailandMassaman Curry- Thailand. This curry dish is considered the “king of curries”. Massaman curry is packed with a combination of flavors ranging from spicy, to sweet and savory, and it even has coconut in it! Add some rice to this dish and it just becomes perfection!

Fish-N-Chips- BritainFish-N-Chips- Britain. Everyone knows that fish-n-chips are a fan favorite in Britain. They are known for their fish-n-chips! Go to any pub or restaurant and you can find them on the menu. The fish is done to perfection. Crunchy on the inside, soft in the inside. Sprinkle some salt; add some vinegar or some tartar sauce and you have got yourself a delicious meal!

Neapolitan Pizza- ItalyNeapolitan Pizza- Italy. Know the saying, “don’t fix it unless it’s broke”. Well that refers to this pizza right here. It doesn’t have or need all those fancy toppings on it. With only six ingredients, this pizza is simple and delicious. All it calls for is dough (made from high grade wheat flour), tomatoes (they only use three types), olive oil, salt (has to be sea salt), basil and cheese. It’s making my mouth water already!

Sushi-JapanSushi-Japan. Who doesn’t love sushi? Raw fish, rice and seaweed wrappers? Yum! But, it isn’t all those ingredients separately that are delicious; it’s the all of them together that create an explosion of flavors, making sushi a favorite!

Croissant-FranceCroissant-France. France is known for their pastries and the croissant is probably at the top of the list. The soft, flaky pastry tastes absolutely divine with some jam, or even just a little bit of butter.


Champ-IrelandChamp-Ireland. Champ is a side dish in Ireland that goes best with meat or fish. The ingredients of this dish are mashed potatoes with spring onions, butter, salt, and pepper. Yes please!


Butter Garlic Crab- IndiaButter Garlic Crab- India. There is nothing like crab dipped in butter, but butter garlic crab takes it to a whole new level. You place a whole crab in a gallon of garlic butter sauce and let it set for a while. That garlic buttery goodness soaks into every nook and cranny just for you to enjoy.

Fajitas-MéxicoFajitas-México. Tacos and burritos are great, but fajitas are to die for! You’ve got your sizzling meat, hot off the grill. Not to mention sour cream, guacamole, onions, salsa and delicious peppers all wrapped up in a tortilla. Such a delight!

Pho- VietnamPho- Vietnam. This isn’t just another soup. This is the best soup! It consists of broth, fresh rice noodles, some herbs, and chicken or beef. You won’t be able to get enough!


Maple Syrup-CanadaMaple Syrup-Canada. Canada is known for having the best syrup ever! And you know what goes good with syrup? Just about everything. Okay, well maybe not everything but you certainly can’t eat pancakes without syrup!


Rendang- IndonesiaRendang- Indonesia. Ever heard of it? Us neither, but it sounds absolutely heavenly. For a few hours you simmer beef in coconut milk mixed with lemongrass, galangal, garlic, turmeric, ginger and chilies. It is said to make your taste buds explode!