What is it a New York style hot dog?

New York style hot dog

The simple hot dog, a frankfurter, it is an easy food to understand.  A sausage, normally served on a bun.  There are any plethora of ways to cook and serve them.  And as many other foods regional varieties have cropped up.  For example a Cincinnati style dog has chili topped on it.  So of course many major “foodie” cities have developed their own style of hot dog.

Just as in pizza it seems that Chicago and New York are at odds as to who has the best hog dog associated with their city.  In Chicago they top their dogs with yellow mustard, white onions, sliced tomato, dill pickle spear, sweet relish (dyed bright green), pickled sport peppers and a some celery salt, all of it crammed on a steamed poppy seed bun.  While Chicago seems to have thrown just about every topping you can think of on top of their city’s dog New York has gone in the alternate direction.  They have chosen to keep it simple and let the dog itself shine, instead of being a vessel for carrying a mountain of toppings to your mouth. 

So just what makes a New York style hot dog New York Style?  It starts with the do itself.  The hot dog is an all-beef hot dog and with the exception of the kosher varieties they feature an all-natural casing as well.  Once you put that on your bun it will come time for some toppings.  Traditional toppings for the New York style would be a spicy brown mustard and some sauerkraut.  Some places will also add some onions cooking in a tomato paste.  As you can see it is a rather simple style to replicate at home.

In New York these can be found just about anywhere.  Inside a deli or out on the corner from a food truck.  Now those food trucks are responsible for the New York style hot dog’s other name.  The dirty water dog.  Often times after the hot dog has been cooked the food truck will keep the hot dogs warm in a pot of warm water.  There is no need to worry, the water isn’t really dirty.

So there is no need to book that flight to the Big Apple to get your very own dirty water dog.  You have the ability to make your own in the comfort of your own home.  Now if only it was that easy to have your own Broadway show in the comfort of your living room.